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How to Enjoy Social Events without Drinking Alcohol

How to Enjoy Social Events without Drinking AlcoholThere are many steps on the road to recovery from alcoholism. Detox is important, as is rehab. It is also important to consider life after rehab is over. Developing a sober life isn’t something that comes naturally to recovering alcoholics. Staying sober during social events is an important skill to master for any recovering alcoholic in Portland.

Enjoy Portland Social Life without Alcohol

One of the first rules to avoiding relapse is to stay out of situations that may trigger the desire to drink. Some situations are unavoidable, but it is best for recovering Portland alcoholics to avoid places of high temptation. This may mean that people need to change the sort of social events they attend. Recovery may involve developing new, healthy habits and activities, and social events that are related to these may be a better choice than the types of parties previously frequented.

When people are planning to attend an event at which they are afraid they will be tempted to drink, advance planning can be very helpful. Thinking about who is likely to attend is a good idea. It can be wise to attend the event with a friend who will also not be drinking.

It can also be helpful to think through the response you will give when offered a drink. There are a large number of reasons that Portland residents choose not to drink, and most of the time a simple, “No, thanks,” is sufficient. If the host is pushy, however, or people feel uncomfortable not giving a reason for declining a drink, there are a number of truthful responses that might be used, such as “I’m driving,” “I need to get up early tomorrow,” or “I’ve given up drinking for health reasons.”

How to Enjoy Portland without Alcohol

One key to enjoying social events without drinking alcohol is to focus on what you can do rather than on what you can’t. If the get-together is based on a shared event, such as attending a ballgame or going bowling, the activity on which to focus is obvious. Even if the get-together is simply a “meet and greet” sort of function, it is wise to focus on building social relationships and getting to know people better. Focusing on others is always a good idea when Portland residents are trying to avoid drinking.

Help Preventing Alcohol Relapse for Portland Residents

Rehab can help Portland residents develop new support systems and learn new ways of enjoying life. If you’re interested in learning more about alcohol rehab options, give us a call. Our helpline is toll-free and operated 24 hours a day. We can answer your questions and even check your insurance coverage. You can enjoy social events without alcohol and we can help you find the path.