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Portland drug rehab centers are known throughout the American northwest as some of the finest, most progressive treatment facilities of their kind. The men and women of Portland who are living with addiction - and have made a conscious effort to get treatment help are in good hands at the professional level. The following information is designed to help individuals fight the most appropriate Portland drug treatment facility to meet their needs - and explain what they can expect upon arrival.
Portland Drug Rehab

Are Performance-Enhancing Drugs Addictive?

Are Performance-Enhancing Drugs Addictive?Performance-enhancers touch nearly every professional sport. They taint the endeavors of people from superstars to high school athletes. While enforcement and interdiction efforts have increased dramatically, Portland residents turn to chemicals that help them run faster, build more muscle, train or stay awake longer.

Portland residents may abuse any of the following performance enhancing drugs:

  • Anabolic steroids
  • Herbal supplements
  • Painkillers
  • Stimulants

Unfortunately these substances are frequently connected to the following illnesses:

  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Emotion management problems
  • Major depression
  • Heart palpitations
  • Anxiety attacks

Despite these problems, many people abuse these drugs, especially because these drugs are highly addictive.

Psychological Addiction and Performance Enhancers

While some performance-enhancers are physically addictive, they can all be psychologically addictive. Portland drug users may believe that physical addiction is more challenging to overcome, but the psychological power of these addictions is often much more difficult to beat.

Many performance-enhancing drugs impact the pleasure center of the brain, which drives emotional function, impulse control and anxiety response. When drugs trip the pleasure center, people feel euphoria, confidence and accomplishment. The brain then craves these feelings in ways that are much more powerful than rational thought. Many addicts try to quit on their own, but relapse due to the following withdrawal symptoms:

  • Fears about an inability to perform effectively without drugs
  • Believing their drug use drugs is safe and that they do not have a problem
  • Wild and potentially dangerous mood swings
  • Severe depression with possible suicidal thoughts or actions

Portland residents who are addicted to performance-enhancers should seek professional help to recover.

Help Quitting Drug Addiction

Suddenly quitting a performance-enhancer can be dangerous. Furthermore, quitting without addressing the underlying effects of the dependence may lead to relapse. The safest way to get and stay clean is to seek rehab that includes medically supervised detox. The most effective recovery programs address all aspects of mental and physical health, and they will customize treatment plans for every Portland resident.

Portland Addiction Help

If you are ready to quit your use of performance-enhancing drugs, then please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline today. Our counselors will answer all questions and connect you with the best treatment program for your particular needs. Don’t tell yourself that you can quit whenever you want, or that you need one more week of training. Call now and let us help you get clean now. Portland residents can recover if they have help, so seek treatment today.