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Portland drug rehab centers are known throughout the American northwest as some of the finest, most progressive treatment facilities of their kind. The men and women of Portland who are living with addiction - and have made a conscious effort to get treatment help are in good hands at the professional level. The following information is designed to help individuals fight the most appropriate Portland drug treatment facility to meet their needs - and explain what they can expect upon arrival.
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The number of people in the United States who suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction fluctuates somewhat between years, but has been relatively steady at nine percent in recent years. It’s possible that this steadiness is occurring because of increased knowledge about drug rehabilitation options.

What Dependencies Need Rehab

Although no dependency needs to be regarded callously, some dependencies should be treated immediately. Methamphetamine and cocaine are both incredibly dangerous substances that can lead to addiction within first use. These drugs are so psychologically damaging that early treatment is necessary.

Heroin and opiates are also highly addictive and should be treated as soon as possible. These drugs, however, lead you to experience physical withdrawal. This withdrawal can involve increased pain, nausea, insomnia and depression.

Essentially, all addictions should be treated in some way. How they are treated is the question.

Drug Addiction Treatment Options

Addiction treatment is typically divided into two categories based on the structure of the program. All programs, whether they are specialty or not, fall into one these categories.

  • Inpatient Treatment. Inpatient rehab is also commonly known as residential treatment. Inpatient rehab is often recommended for physical addictions. The comprehensive treatment process gives you the chance to detox and provides counseling that helps you understand how to maintain sobriety after your release.
  • Outpatient Treatment. Outpatient care consists of some of the same therapeutic aspects as inpatient rehab but offers the treatment in an environment that may be more suited for you if you are unable to leave your home for residential care. Outpatient treatment typically also constitutes private therapy with a doctor and may include outpatient detox.

Drug addiction treatment is available for anyone, regardless of an ability to pay. Publicly funded care is available for free or at reduced costs. Private rehab is also available and oftentimes insurance will cover at least part of the cost.

Making the choice to seek drug rehabilitation can be difficult for you, but if you accept the benefits that come from care, the decision may be easier.

Benefits of Drug Rehabilitation

Millions of addicts each year do not seek treatment for their dependency when they need it. However, if you understand what good can come from doing so, perhaps you won’t be one of those statistics.

  • Improved Health. Rehab can help you fight any illnesses that have developed as a result of your addiction, as well as help prevent other illnesses that come from chronic drug use.
  • A Fresh Start. Drug addiction treatment can help you learn to leave the dangerous and sometimes painful situations that led to your dependency. A fresh start will help you to change your life for the better.

Allow us to answer any additional questions you have about rehabilitation and dependency. Contact us today.