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Should I Avoid Dating during Addiction Recovery?

Should I Avoid Dating during Addiction Recovery?Addiction recovery is a personal journey during which time individuals should follow the guidance of recovery professionals, apply the knowledge they have gained and practice the skills they have learned while in treatment. After rehab, Portland area addicts will work to transform their lives to incorporate habits, activities, behaviors and relationships that support sobriety. There is no exact rule to follow when it comes to dating during addiction recovery, but most recovery professionals recommend avoiding dating for at least the first year of sobriety. Even though the journey to recovery is different for everyone, there are numerous benefits of avoiding dating during early addiction recovery that apply to anyone.

Reasons to Avoid Dating During Early Addiction Recovery in Portland

The transition from rehab to home life back in Portland is difficult and recovery professionals find that relapse most commonly occurs within the first few months of recovery. Addicts in recovery will deal with addiction triggers, drug cravings, temptation, new challenges and having to make life changes to support sobriety. There are many things an addict must continue to work on, even after rehab. Recovery takes time, work, focus and dedication if an individual wishes to achieve long-term sobriety. Building relationships take work as well as emotional investment. Even good relationships or healthy dating distracts individuals from their ultimate priority of recovery.

Addicts often leave rehab feeling empowered and confident, but addicts must understand that their work to achieve recovery is far from over. In early addiction recovery, individuals are just beginning their newly sober life in Portland; they are practicing the skills taught in rehab, transforming their behaviors, adjusting to new activities, hobbies, jobs and so forth. Addicts in recovery must first learn who they are sober before finding a person to share their time, energy and emotions with. Addicts in early recovery are green; in just a year’s time these individuals will change and mature so much. The individuals an addict chooses to “see” during early addiction recovery will be much different than those after a year has passed. These initial partners will affect the growth during recovery and can deprive an addict from making great strides.

Lastly, it is important to avoid dating during early addiction recovery because individuals who sought out drugs or alcohol to cope with problems or voids in their life can do the same thing with relationships. The comforts, excitement or distractions of dating can simply be another unhealthy way to avoiding dealing with underlying issues. While dating seems less harmful than substance abuse, the unhealthy coping mechanism will likely lead to relapse, dysfunctional relationships and many more problems.  Addicts in recovery are not looking to be rescued or rebuild their life for someone else; addicts in recovery have a second chance to rebuild a life that is right and fulfilling for them. Finding someone to share that life with will be worth the wait.

Want to Learn More about Achieving Addiction Recovery Success?

If you are a Portland resident looking for more information on addiction treatment or addiction recovery, we can help. Our toll-free helpline is operated 24 hours a day to assist you with all of your questions, concerns and needed information regarding addiction recovery. Addiction counselors are available to help you find the resources and services you need to achieve addiction recovery success. Whether you are looking for information, treatment programs or help during recovery, we can help. To learn more, call and speak with an addiction counselor today.