Portland Drug Rehab Centers

Portland drug rehab centers are known throughout the American northwest as some of the finest, most progressive treatment facilities of their kind. The men and women of Portland who are living with addiction - and have made a conscious effort to get treatment help are in good hands at the professional level. The following information is designed to help individuals fight the most appropriate Portland drug treatment facility to meet their needs - and explain what they can expect upon arrival.
Portland Drug Rehab

Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

Mental Health and Addiction TreatmentGetting help for your addiction can be a daunting prospect for Portland residents, especially if you don’t know what kind of treatment to look for. Drug and alcohol addiction runs far deeper than physical dependency, and addiction can have deep psychological roots. When left untreated psychological dependency can quickly cause Portland residents to relapse.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Mental Health and Addiction

Finding mental health is necessary for your successful addiction treatment and recovery. Simply going through detox is only a short-term solution. Dual Diagnosis treatment, also referred to as integrated treatment, makes comprehensive health a main focus when treating drug and alcohol addiction. Dual Diagnosis treatment addresses the co-occurrence of mental disorders and physical dependency. In a Dual Diagnosis treatment program Portland residents are psychiatrically evaluated to determine if co-occurring mental health and substance abuse problems are present. Identifying and properly treating any underlying mental health issue offers you the best chance of lasting sobriety. It is up to you to make the best possible decision when it comes to choosing an addiction treatment program.

Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Help for Portland Residents

If you are tired of struggling with your drug or alcohol addiction, you are not alone. We are here to help find you the best possible treatment. The call won’t cost you a penny, and we are available 24 hours a day to answer your call. We can help you regain a healthy and productive life in Portland free from addiction. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us right now.