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Portland drug rehab centers are known throughout the American northwest as some of the finest, most progressive treatment facilities of their kind. The men and women of Portland who are living with addiction - and have made a conscious effort to get treatment help are in good hands at the professional level. The following information is designed to help individuals fight the most appropriate Portland drug treatment facility to meet their needs - and explain what they can expect upon arrival.
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Marijuana Rehab Treatment

Marijuana Rehab TreatmentMarijuana is one of the most highly abused drugs in the United States, and this applies to Oregon as well. This is a state that’s known for being progressive, and many residents favor natural remedies and holistic medicine. What this means is that there are a greater number of individuals that use marijuana believing it is not harmful. This belief is linked to greater instances of addiction.

In order to ensure that individuals using marijuana recognize that drug treatment help is required, understanding the myths and facts is essential.

Myths About Marijuana Addiction

There are a number of things that marijuana addicts and individuals who support the legalization of marijuana incorrectly believe, including:

  • Myth: Marijuana has health benefits. While studies do in fact show that marijuana can be used to treat glaucoma and pain conditions, there are health risks too. Respiratory problems are common in chronic marijuana users, for example.
  • Myth: Marijuana is natural so it’s not bad. Many drugs are natural or contain natural properties, but they may still be dangerous. Marijuana addiction can lead to a bevy of health conditions.
  • Myth: Marijuana is not illegal. While the legal implications of possessing marijuana may not be quite as severe as being caught with heroin, criminal charges can still be filed.
  • Myth: Marijuana is not addictive. There is some debate about whether marijuana is both physically and psychologically addictive. It’s known that individuals crave the effects of the drug, making it psychologically addictive. This means that it doesn’t matter which theory is correct; you can become addicted to marijuana.
  • Myth: Marijuana doesn’t cause impairment. Marijuana users will get behind the wheel of a car, thinking it doesn’t cause the same impairment as alcohol. When high on marijuana, your impulses and reflexes change.

Treating Marijuana Addiction with Rehab

Marijuana addicts can choose from virtually any drug treatment option due to the nature of the addiction. It can be treated either in inpatient or outpatient treatment, which can’t be said of all categories of substance abuse. This is only because marijuana doesn’t have such a strong physical pull, and any withdrawal symptoms that surface when use is stopped are usually only minor. Without these physical symptoms, the opportunity for relapse is lower, and intensive residential treatment is not always needed. Of course, residential treatment centers do also treat marijuana addictions for those who feel inpatient care would be more beneficial.

Finding Treatment for Marijuana Addiction

People of all ages use and abuse marijuana. Give us a call and we’ll set you up with a treatment facility that caters to people in your demographic.