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Portland drug rehab centers are known throughout the American northwest as some of the finest, most progressive treatment facilities of their kind. The men and women of Portland who are living with addiction - and have made a conscious effort to get treatment help are in good hands at the professional level. The following information is designed to help individuals fight the most appropriate Portland drug treatment facility to meet their needs - and explain what they can expect upon arrival.
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Vicodin Rehabilitation


vicodin drug rehabVicodin and Its Effects

Vicodin addiction in the United States is extremely common. It is an opiate-based drug that affects pleasure receptors in the brain. Its effects are very similar to those of opium, which is a derivative of heroin. Not only can the drug be used recreationally but it is commonly prescribed for pain relief. Prolonged use of Vicodin can cause serious health problems including:

  • Kidney problems
  • Liver problems
  • Gallbladder issues
  • Weakened immune system
  • Decreased life span

Not only can it cause physical health problems but it can alter your mental state. Some common emotional ramifications of Vicodin use includes:

  • Rattled nerves, with unprovoked anxiety
  • Inconsistent heartbeat
  • Major emotional mood swings
  • Body aches and nausea when drug use is stopped

Your friends and family may not recognize the person you have become because of your altered state of mind. Luckily, after symptoms of withdrawal have passed, you will return to the person you once were.

Vicodin Addiction in the United States

Due to its classification as a painkiller, Vicodin can be prescribed by a doctor to relieve pain. This is where the addiction often starts because many patients fear their pain will return if they stop taking the drug. Due to this, Vicodin has become one of the most over-prescribed medications in the United Sates. The availability of this drug in combination with its addictive effects has led to its widespread recreational use. Luckily, there are many options for dealing with Vicodin addiction.

High Success Rates for Vicodin Treatment

For addicts in Portland, seeking drug rehabilitation treatment for Vicodin addiction often proves quite successful. Most inpatient programs boast up to 70 percent success rates with relapse rates that range between 10 and 30 percent. Outpatient therapy can also work, though typically success rates are lower than they are with inpatient treatment. Regardless of which treatment you choose, getting help for your addiction can ultimately free you from the cycle of drug abuse.

Information on Vicodin Rehabilitation and Treatment

For Portland addicts or those concerned a loved one in Portland may be addicted to Vicodin, there are a number of resources you can access. These include inpatient and outpatient services that can get you back to your regular self. To find out more about treatment options , call our toll-free number.